Donations are very welcome, every single donation helps to pay the server MiBro is hosted!

MiBro has become big, and continues growing! That's amazing! But to handle all those awesome features on so many server, MiBro is hosted on a powerful server. We have to pay that server, the website and other things.
Because of that every donation is very appreciated and helps to pay everything around the MiBro project. It's not a commercial project, every support goes straight into the project.
So if you think MiBro is it worth to support, check out the awesome buttons down below. We are ready for the HYPE WAVE!

To those interested in donating, you can get something unique as a token of appreciation! One brand new special is the Music feature. Get access now!

You can use PayPal or Patreon. Whatever you prefer. The currency doesn't matter. You'll get a big THANKS from the MiBro-Team and of course the special donator role on MiBro's Discord. If you want to remain anonymous, this is not a problem.

Little Bro


  • Thanks from the Team
  • Little supporter Discord-Role

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  • Music Unlock*
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  • Music Unlock*
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Other ways to support

You can vote for MiBro! Just click on the image below, log in, and smash the vote button so more people will get to know him.

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