Here are some of the most frequently asked questions please read over before contacting.

  • How to configure MiBro?

    Command: !settings
    This command shows the current settings and at the same time the commands to change them. Only the server owner and the member with the modrole which you can set are allowed to use this.
    Detailed Setup guide

  • Variables

    You can use variables in Welcomemessage, Leavemessage and Custom commands. You can use the following variables:

    • {user} - mention the user
    • {username} - User tag (name#0000)
    • {server} - Servername
    • {membercount} - The number of members on your server
    • {args} - (Custom command only) All arguments after alias: !command <this will be the arguments>

  • Why does MiBro not assign roles?

    Check if MiBro has permission to manage roles.
    Make sure that the highest role MiBro has is higher in the role order than the role you want to assign.

  • MiBro does no mute/softban members or lock channels

    First check if MiBro has permission to create/assign roles / manage channels.
    There is one current issue between MiBro and Discord. If you have a role that allows sending messages in a channel, the muterole won't affect anything. The lockdown only affects @everyone permission in a channel. So it's the same

  • Music?

    Oh yeah here we go! MiBro is now able to play music. But unfortunately it is only available for donator of the MiBro project.

Still have questions?

If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, or you are left with more questions, we have a support server on Discord, we welcome everyone to join it and stick around. Please drop by and let us know your questions, feedback or issue and we'll help you!


Make use of our support server that uses Mibro

We have features that users can test in our server that aren't active across all servers running MiBro. Come and help us improve MiBro or get support with your issues!


"Mibro is a pretty nifty little Discord bot - I was searching for something that just 'worked' and I found it with Mibro - The developer listened to my feedback and worked with me to develop a custom feature for my server. A great little bot with a fantastic developer behind it!"

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