MiBro's Partner

Gaming Youtuber and Streamer
Guillaume Slash
Tech videos (French)


Yeah you're right! MiBro Partner! Check out the hyped perks you'll get as a partner


FREE premium features like Music lalala I came in like a wreeecking baaaaall

Listed Partner

Listed/Linked on this page, in the !partner command and advertisement on the Discord Server


Awesome Partner role for up to 3 people of your server and access to partner channels on MiBro's Discord.


You get a Partner-Code. Whenever people use this code at donating, you'll get 15%!


Will that answer your question?

  • What do we look for in parters?

    We are looking for all kind of communities. Youtube, Games, Books or anything else! We want to support communities that support us.
    It's a mutual advantage.

  • What numbers do we have to hit?

    Your community or content should be active and a bit out of the ordinary. At least 500 members on your Discord server would be nice.
    There are no exact numbers that are required. It will be decided differently from case to case.

    Thereby it does not mean that you'll automatically become partner if you meet all requirements.

  • How long does it take to get approved?

    We are drinking a lot of coffee to handle your application. But to check everything and to do a meeting for your Hype we maybe need a couple of days.

  • How to apply

    Just join our Discord and contact Mike#9499 or OnlyFantasticFun#9146

      Your application should contain:
    • Why MiBro Partner?
    • Description of your server/community/content
    • How did you find MiBro?
    • Permanent invite link
    • (link to your website/youtube/twitch/etc...)