Some features at a glance, for an in-depth list check the features page.

Powerful and highly customizable

Mibro is a powerful Discord Bot with a lot of features! You can customize many settings to adjust everything for your server! Donators have the possibility for something special.

Active support server

We have an active Discord server to offer support, drop in and let us know what you think about Mibro, let us know if you have any suggestions or let us help you troubleshoot! Drop in and say hi.

Some stats for fun


Mibro is used by many discord servers!


Total users

Donations will help improve the hardware that Mibro is hosted on!

Every single euro/dollar or what ever helps to improve everything around the Bot. From the hardware of the server to the development. Donators with more than 5€ will get something special.

Custom feature or command
Donator role in support server

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